How To Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal?

To put it in the simplest way, curb appeal is how the property looks from the street. It’s the first impression people get of the house, the first glimpse that makes them decide within seconds whether they like it or not. Not only does curb appeal indicate how attractive the house looks from the street curb, but it also puts the house in comparison with its neighboring houses and shows the contrast. If you have an improved curb appeal, your house will stand out from the other properties around it and not blend in with the rest, leaving everyone intrigued and immediately interested. 

How to add curb appeal to your property

Luckily, improving curb appeal is not something that will take a lot of time and effort. It can be achieved more easily if you take care of some specific parts that are not in their best condition. In fact, there might be some little details which you don’t realize are reducing the value of the property. That’s why we have created this list of easy ways to improve curb appeal.   

1. Get the front door in a good shape

The entrance of the house is the central point and the first thing that catches attention when approaching the property. This is why you should make sure the door looks fresh and new, and if it’s in a very bad condition, then you should definitely invest in a new one. However, if the door is overall not bad then some slight improvements can freshen it up considerably. Think about a new layer of paint, deep cleaning and designing it in a way that will reflect the overall interior style of the house. Try to make the door stand out and communicate the value of the house. 

2. Create symmetry around the house

This is one thing that not many people pay attention to but can actually elevate the exterior look of the property and make it appear much more attractive from the outside. Symmetry is aesthetically pleasing and makes everything look more put together. Also, this is the easiest way of arrangement. Just make sure all details are balanced together and complement each other instead of appearing too loud and chaotic.  

3. Take care of the roof

Make sure your roof is in a good condition and is properly maintained. If the roof is dated and in a poor condition, then you might consider including roof replacement or re-roofing in your roof maintenance which, even though pricier, can be the best long-term investment. However, if it still has a few years of life, then make sure it’s properly cleaned and maintained in a fresh and good condition, since the roof speaks about how safe and protected the house is. You don’t want the property to look unsafe from the outside, as it will immediately make a bad first impression.  

4. Update the paint of the house 

Cracked materials or other defects can easily downgrade the overall appearance of the house and affect its curb appeal, which is why you should invest in a fresh layer of paint to make the house look new and add personality to it. This is not the simplest investment, but if you can afford it, then you will easily enhance the curb appeal of the house and increase its value. 

5. Create a walkway

Having a proper and well-designed walkway will immediately give a warm and welcoming feel to your house, which is a key factor in attracting more buyers. First thing you can do here is to build a fresh new walkway from brick or stone and add some color to it. However, if it’s something you can’t afford at the moment, then consider updating the old walkway to cover up any cracks or damaged parts of it. This will immediately change the exterior of the house and make it more inviting.  

6. Arrange lawn care maintenance

Lawn care is one of the most obvious and common features of any property that easily elevates the appearance of the house and makes it appear of higher value. Make sure the lawn is properly trimmed, the shrubs and bushes are in good condition, and everything looks neat and clean.

7. Install outdoor lights 

Have you seen a house at night time and been amazed by how pleasing the lights make it look? That’s right, not only will installing fixtures around the house make it stand out in the dark and look more appealing, but it will make it look safer and more protected, hence increasing the value immediately. 

8. Add shutters 

You can also consider adding shutters to your windows. This not only impacts the aesthetic view of the house but also speaks about controlling ventilation and having extra protection in the house. If possible to be installed, shutters will add up to the curb appeal of the property. 

9. Arrange a pressure washing 

To give an extra refreshment to the overall property, consider pressure washing the whole exterior either by investing in a pressure washing tool or hiring professional maintenance service. The benefits are more than one. First, it will help you give the house itself an updated and neat look. Second, it will remove all dirt from walkways, driveways, patio and sidings, making them look freshly maintained, and the property will be in the most professional condition. 

You can start making improvements by yourself if saving up money is a priority for you, however, it will definitely take longer time and effort. But if you’re looking for more professional results, then investing in qualified maintenance services is what you need to get your desired end results. Following these quick and easy curb appeal ideas will transform your property. All you need to do is be conscious of the condition the house is in, pay attention to details and take action before it’s too late and more investment is needed to do a complete renovation. A proper curb appeal is not only about looking fresh, it’s about giving your property a personality, a distinct character that will immediately stand out and leave a lasting impression on potential buyers, which is the most important factor in finding the best buyer for your property with the most advantageous price for you.

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